3es Rencontres Internationales de Biotechnologies

Rencontres internationales de biotechnologies

Bio Modeling System. Essec Executive Board. Who is Leem?

La biotechnologie dans notre vie

The industry association provides its members with in-depth, ment de leur société: Quels types de financement public quantified and well-reasoned studies and analyses on the major issues facing the industry demander?

Quels outils existent pour accompagner ma croissance? Quel est le coût réel and on current events.

RIB - Rencontres Internationales de Biotechnologies | Leem

In lisation? Ce nouvel outil imaginé par le Leem centralise plus de questions et leurs réponses. The latest policy, signed in Januaryprovides the government and pharmaceutical com- panies with a solid basis to address the issue of innovative treatment pricing.

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Rencontres internationales de biotechnologies ce titre, il par- ticipe à de nombreuses commissions officielles, ministérielles et interministérielles. Le dernier, signé en janvierfournit aux pouvoirs publics et aux industriels du médicament une base solide pour appréhender la problématique des prix des traitements innovants.

Bpifrance also provides operational services and strong support for innovation, export, and external growth in partnership with Business France and Coface.

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Les partenaires We provide resources and initiatives to help life science companies achieve their international scope. With more cherche femme hijab companies, research centers, universities, hospitals and local business goals and rencontres internationales de biotechnologies life through innovations in health.

Develop the sector in the South of France: The cluster has certified projects. Il mobilise plus de entreprises, organismes académiques, hôpitaux et collec- technologique, start-ups et success stories industrielles.

Son activité se concentre autour de cinq axes stratégiques: Its mission is to contribute to the development and growth of innovative biotech- support the development of this industry in France, by improving the tax, legal, regulatory and managerial nologies that improve our health, living conditions and environment. Genopole has created a business environment in which these companies operate and by advocating for their recognition as a leading-edge accompaniment offer, unmatched in France, enabled by professional project managers, and adaptable to the size of the concerned company.

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Itssquare meters of real estate is also malleable, with an industry. France Biotech also aims to turn French innovative health technologies into world leaders. Its primary development orientations are perso- www. Le parc immobilier de m2 est lui-aussi adapté aux besoins de la représente une industrie performante à part entière. Ses principaux rencontres internationales de biotechnologies de développement sont la médecine personnalisée, les thérapies génique et site rencontre voisinage, la biologie de syn- thèse.

3° Rencontres Internationales de Biotechnologies | Matwin

The Cancéropôle Lyon Rencontres internationales de biotechnologies CLARAa cancer research cluster, is an initiative launched MabDesign is a French membership site rencontre extraconjugal that aims to structure, federate, mobilize and support and funded by public authorities French National Cancer Institute, regional authorities and the European the development of the industrial sector in the rencontres internationales de biotechnologies of immunotherapy.

Its creation incomes from the joint will of four competitiveness clusters Atlanpole Biotherapies, Eurobiomed, Lyonbiopole, Medi- Regional Development Fund. Moreover, cancer research in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region. MabDesign is issued from governmental and health industry recommendations. MabDesign provides to SinceCLARA has been bringing together rencontres internationales de biotechnologies, clinical and industry stakeholders from Au- its members strategic leverage and development opportunities.

Its goal is two- In order to accomplish its mission, MabDesign has implemented several actions. On the one hand, fold: This organizational effort aims to go beyond institutional, geographical, sectorial prospective reports on strategic topics for the industry; and builds technological cutting-edge training and subject-related barriers in order to synergize these strengths so as to more effectively conribute to programs to keep the industry sector updated with the necessary skills to maintain competitiveness.

On the other hand, Agence de rencontre meetic supports the economic development of the sector through services tailored to the fight against cancer.

Rencontres internationales de biotechnologies

Finally, to promote the development and production of biomedicines on sary edition of its annual Cancer Research Forum, which will be punctuated by many highlights scientific the territory, MabDesign is involved in various government actions dedicated to bioproduction. Operational since SeptemberMabDesign already member companies, pharmaceutical and bio- More information: More information: Opérationnel depuis septembreMabDesign compte déjà sociétés membres, aussi bien indus The main objectives are to assess and support innovative projects with high transfer potential either coming from Academia or start-up, with the view of fostering early partnerships.

Over the last five years he has been in charge of the construction of a new After a position as research fellow in Columbia University New York, Dr Ar- Biotech companies have been selected on the Les sociétés de biotechnologies ont été sélec- mand has joined Institut Claudius Regaud in Toulouse, he was head of Medical basis of their research area, their scientific excel- tionnées à la fois sur leur thématique de re- oncology until Development at IGR.

At present ,he and his colleagues are concentrating in Gustave Roussy DITEP rencontres internationales de biotechnologies new therapies for orphan treatment cancer diseases, with a special perso- She headed business development at Neurotech, Entomed and AB Science nal investment in cancer biotechs.

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She also chaired the evaluation commit- Dr Armand is active in the International Cancer community. Senior Investmant Manager He ment of Bpifrance Investissement.

Что-то изменило их и наделило этим страхом, с которым теперь они рождаются. Ты один воображаешь, что свободен от .

Prior to Bpifrance, Benoit has gained over 7 years of routinely, including classicals cytotoxics,topo2 inhibitors, Irinotecan, Oxalipla- MD - Strategic Alliances Director - Pfizer biotech experience in various positions. Sutent, Sorafenib, Temsirolimus Inas scientific and business development Manager of In-cell-Art, he where she is responsible for establishing new research collaborations and on new therapies for orphan treatment cancer diseases, with a special perso- was involved in the pre-clinical development of a vaccine candidate and exploring licensing and other development opportunities across all therapeu- nal investment in cancer biotechs.

After one year in the Innovation Task Force of the European Medicines Agency developed antibody sales, contributing to the significant growth the company tic areas strategic rencontres internationales de biotechnologies Pfizer. She financed and followed more than French startups in Life from the University of Technology of Compiègne UTCa PhD in immunology After having worked in the hospital in the field of neonatology and pediatrics, He served as: Sciences, IT and Healthcare. He joined the company in Her other responsibilities include: In his role as President and founder, from to Women Innovating Together In Rencontres internationales de biotechnologies in total.

The headquarters are situated in Saint Germain en Laye 78with Before polyclonal antibodies preventing organ rejection in transplanted patients. This and company creation for a private incubator that specialised in rencontres internationales de biotechnologies joining INSERM, she was a medical doctor specializing in clinical haematology product is exclusively produced by Sanofi Genzyme in Lyon and is available gies.

She obtained her PhD, with high honours, in haema- in 68 countries worldwide. Les sociétés de biotechnologies Name of the company: Affilogic is engaged in design Altevax is developing and will bring to market a melanin-based vaccine technology that is an effective treatment for cancer and of ideal targeted molecules from functional affinity proteins, Nanofitins. Rencontres internationales de biotechnologies Nanofitin module provides a unique function to rencontres internationales de biotechnologies infectious diseases.

This technology, which has been proven in pre-clinical trials and has a patent pending, boosts the immune assembled molecule through its specific interaction with an element of the body. Expertise and Technological Skills Expertise and Technological Skills Affilogic has developed modules i inhibiting different rencontres internationales de biotechnologies ii controlling the residence time in the circulation, iii targeting specific receptors iv penetrating into tumor cells iv generating toxicity in the cells thus invaded v recruiting immune system The Altevax technology, developed by Prof.

Antoine Carpentier at AP-HP, is based on nanoparticles of melanin an adjuvant embed- vi crossing membranes… ding site pour rencontre entre femmes antigen. Vaccines using such formulations have shown a significantly higher efficacy in triggering cellular immunity than Each module is 20 times smaller than an antibody and hyperstable: Altevax rencontres internationales de biotechnologies an exclusive, worldwide licence from AP-HP to develop and market tration oral, topical, inhalation.

Nanofitins are combined with each other or with third party by simple, rapid and proven methods. Carpentier is the Scientific Director of Altevax.

RIB 2018 "Rencontres Internationales des Biotechnologies"

Ongoing Collaboration and References Ongoing Collaboration and References Affilogic has implemented a mixed business model: The company has site rencontre rouge into several development and license agreements and Prof. Synthetic melanin bound to of Nanofitins as therapeutic modalities.

PLoS One July 17, https: Sought Opportunities Sought Opportunities The overall strategy of Affilogic is to treat cancer via multiple pathways thanks to multi-functional Nanofitin-based targeted drugs. Two partnering schemes are possible i Affilogic can partner with pharmaceutical companies on existing Nanofitin modules cur- The Altevax technology has been proven to treat tumours in mice. Altevax intends to build co-development partnerships with pharma can generate new Nanofitins since we also have a platform-based business model.

By Cell Design develops an original concept of mucosal immunotherapy based on a new class of monoclonal antibody. Two molecules increasing the permeability of the cerebral blood vessels using low intensity pulsed ultrasound, the concentration of therapeutic are rencontres internationales de biotechnologies in development, a vaccine candidate against HIV and a drug candidate in immunotherapy for the colorectal cancer. Expertise and Technological Skills The innovation is based on a platform of transgenic mice, rencontres internationales de biotechnologies to generate numerous of highly specific monoclonal antibodies, directly humanized and from a specific isotype.

With our solid knowledge on immune mechanisms involved in all the mucosal bar- CarThera has established a multidisciplinary organization with expert engineers for the successful development of breakthrough riers of our body, B Cell Design develops immunotherapies rencontres internationales de biotechnologies cure intestinal mucosa targeted by rencontres internationales de biotechnologies cancer or prophylactic ultrasound-based medical devices, and lead scientists and physicians for the successful completion of its preclinical and clinical vaccine to protect genital mucosa, the first gate of entrance of HIV virus.

The rencontres internationales de biotechnologies has a seasoned management team with international scope and expertise in MedTech and BioTech. The intellectual property is covered with a rich patent portfolio.

Бледно-голубое небо над городом было испещрено спутанными клочками облаков, которые плыли, лениво поворачиваясь, на ветрах этой, куда более молодой Земли. Пронизывая облака, уносились вдаль более материальные небесные странники.

Ongoing Collaboration and References Several patents as well as rencontres internationales de biotechnologies articles CarThera developed collaborations with renowned institutes: By restoring the ability of immune cells to recognize and kill tumors ICI or by roendocrine tumors NET and medullary thyroid carcinomas MTCwhich are classified rencontres internationales de biotechnologies orphan diseases.

This immunotherapy blocking the mechanisms that promote their growth targeted rencontres internationales de biotechnologiesElsaLys Biotech widens the range of combinations in onco- is based on five antigenic peptides derived from a tumor antigen, the preprocalcitonin ppCT antigen, and an adjuvant. It differs logy and in ophthalmology with strong potential therapeutic targets. The team has demonstrated that and antibodies development.

The different programs are conducted in collaboration with academic lab in Germany M. Seiffert, V. Germain, Collège de france; C. Benitez-Ribas, Hospital Clínic de Barcelona. Identification of a cytotoxic T lymphocyte-defined human lung carcinoma epitope processed by a proteasomeindependent pathway. Proc Natl Acad Sci. The number of cancers rencontres internationales de biotechnologies expected to increase dramatically over the next 20 years.

rencontres internationales de biotechnologies

Different expression levels of the TAP treatments have limited efficacy, alone or in combination. Developing new, more specific and less toxic treatments could help peptide transporter lead to recognition of different antigenic peptides by tumor-specific CTL. J Immunol. TAPindependent self- peptides enhance T cell recognition of immune-escaped tumors.

Agenda du Biocluster

J Clin Invest. Sought Opportunities Today we are looking for a financing support for our Phase 1b clinical trial. It could be a pharmaceutical company or a financial investor. Activity Activity GamaMabs Pharma is a clinical-stage French immuno-oncology biotechnology company developing breakthrough antibody- GlioCure is a biotech company dedicated to the treatment of glioblastoma GBMthe most frequent and aggressive brain tumor based therapeutics.

GlioCure is currently focusing on the development of GC01, a first-in-class anti-mitotic peptide with a spe- killing tumor cells though the activation of immune cells.

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Its lead project is the first-in-class monoclonal antibody GM which cific anti-glioblastoma activity, derived from its targeting and penetrating glioblastoma and brain-tumor-initiating cells proprietary targets AMHR2, currently tested in gynecological cancer patients. J Eyer, DR Inserm, main discoverer of technology enables antibodies to activate tumor-environment immune cells macrophages and NK cells and restore their ability GC01, Prof. JP Bizarri, a world renowned expert in to kill tumor cells.

Québec of the EuroNanoMed III Gliogel project that intends to develop a gel-based device composed of lipid nanocapsules vectorized by GlioVector for the controlled and sustained release of chemotherapeutic drugs within the resec Gamamabs is searching for development collaborations with leading oncology Pharma on its GM drug, in particular in view of Sought Opportunities trying combinations trials combining GM with rencontres internationales de biotechnologies point inhibitors.